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Eco Village

So far we have two advocates of the eco village project me Tom and Andrew.

Our objective is to explore and develop ways of sustainable living.

Preserving the land - Land is one of the most incredible pieces of sophisticated production machinery we have. Its ability to support carbon capture, absorbing CO2 and using it to form edibles and materials for building and other production, means that it is not something to be lightly destroyed. Yet most modern construction does just that leaving tons of concrete in and on the ground which would require considerable work to make that land productive again. Concrete is a fantastic material but one to be used more sparingly. Our objective will be to build while leaving the land underneath fertile if not productive.

Sustainable Economics - The reality is that the production of people and the businesses that employ them is largely assigned to pay off the money lenders who have lent money to buy building land which is maintained at premium prices by shortages created by planning restrictions. Our view is not that these restrictions should be loosened but that they should be changed. Destroying productive land needs to be restricted. Against this is the issue of climate change and peak oil which we cannot continue to ignore. In this light it is up to governments to grant the liberty necessary to develop radically new sustainable living paradigms.

Science and Technology - Given the internet and the cheap availability of low power computers, high technology equipment and tools, it is quite possible to sustain work, involving high technology in these kind of sustainable environments. Indeed it is the marriage of the best of the future with the best of the past that will create sustainable living. 

Art and Design - Eco villages create a stimulating environment for art and design.

Innovation and Industry - Given people in the mix with industrial backgrounds there is little reason why the products and services for tomorrow's world could not be born in the eco village environment.

Education - Eco Villages can create an extraordinary educational environment fulfilling far more than the national curriculum requires in a direct practical way, from the mathematics of building and energy production to the biology of growing. This is not counting the availability of adults engaged at the for front of innovation.

General Links
  • Being Somewhere - Simon & Jasmine Dale have shared with us a huge amount of information about the realities of building an eco-home including much of the information needed to go ahead and do it. They have a particularly interesting page on planning issues here.
  • Llywodraeth Cymru Welsh Government - One planet development practice guide.

Straw Bale Building

  • www.strawbuild.org - Strawbuild provides exceptional straw bale building, design and training services throughout Europe. We are a not for profit organisation that create living and working environments that won’t cost the earth. We can provide services to suit your needs whether your project is small or large, domestic or commercial.
  • www.strawworks.co.uk -


  • www.ukhempcrete.com - Hemp-LimeConstruct is a UK construction company specializing in the use of hempcrete, or “hemp-lime”, alongside other natural building materials. We provide a complete range of services for home owners, builders and architects, who want to build with this “deep-green” construction material.

Rammed Earth